The powerful, robust HW series hydraulic winches of the NOVAWINCH lineup, they are rugged, heavy duty, high performance. Full range from 6kN to 25kN, handle the toughest industrial/commercial applications. HW series as well as meet EN14492-1:2006 requirement.

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First layer line pull(lbs/kg) 55000lbs/24944
First layer line speed(fpm/mpm) Normal speed 13.1/4 High speed 98.4/30
Working pressure diff.(psi/MPa) 2610/18
Oil flow supply(l/min) 90
Gear ratio 239:1
Wire rope dia.(inch/mm) Φ21/20″/Φ26
Layer 4
Wire rope capacity(ft/m) 180’/55
Valve model NF-120 P1 S1-006
Net weight(without wire rope)(lbs/kg) 1279/580


Layer of cable Rated line pull per layer Line speed Wire rope capacity per layer
lbs kg fpm mpm ft m
1 55000 24944 13.1 4 32′ 10
2 47987 21763 15.1 4.58 78′ 24
3 42560 19302 17 5.17 127′ 39
4 38239 17342 18.9 5.75 180′ 55

1. The winch will never be used for hoisting people or hoisting objects above people.
2. Do not use clutch under load.
3. Do not equip winch into oil supply system which without relief valve.
4. Do not exceed 500kg loads under high speed mode.


1.Recommended oil flow supply range is 50-90l/min.
2.Onebalance valve as standard, winch must be used in Independent oil supply system which with re- lief
3.Wire rope out direction please see above figure, DO NOT  change  direction  without  permission.Please ask when choosing winch type if need to change wire rope out
4.Hydraulic motor drainage port must be directly connected to oil
5.Winch has high speed, neutral and normal speed three