NCH30 hoisting winch is your perfect choice for hoisting work, suited for mobile hoisting machinery, construction hoisting machinery, stationary type hoisting systems, and drilling equipment. Provides reliable performance for raised loads. Accurate operation ability makes it ideal for high efficiency work demand.

  • Radial piston hydraulic motor volumetric efficiency reaches 98%, overall efficiency reaches 90%, better than other similar products on the market.
  • Compact design is achieved by hiding the gearbox inside the drum and the automatic brake inside the gearbox making it suited for most hoisting systems.
  • Self-adjusting gear design provides winch solid pulling capacity and high efficiency.
  • Differential gear train transmission mechanism has all the features of planetary gears but is smaller in size.
  • Uses high quality bearing for stable, low energy consumption and low noise.
  • Long working life, low maintenance cost.
  • Meets SAEJ706 standard, as well as CE approval.





First layer line pull(lbs/kg) 7200/3265
First layer line speed(fpm/mpm) 49.2/15
Working pressure diff.(psi/MPa) 2320/16
Oil flow supply(l/min) 60
Gear ratio 19.2:1
Wire rope dia.(inch/mm) Φ3/5″/Φ14
Layer 3
Wire rope capacity(ft/m) 137.8’/42
Valve model NF-120 P1 J1 S1-005
Net weight(without wire rope)(lbs/kg) 485/220


Layer of cable Rated line pull per layer Line speed Wire rope capacity per layer
llbs kg fpm mpm ft m
1 7200 3265 49.2 15 36’ 11
2 6498 2947 54.9 16.6 82’ 25
3 5920 2685 60.7 18.2 137.8’ 42

1. The winch will never be used for hoisting people or hoisting objects above people.
2. Do not equip winch into oil supply system which without relief valve.


1. Recommended oil flow supply range is 25-90l/min.
2.Onebalance valve, one reducing valve as standard, winch must be used in Independent oil supply system which with relief
3. Wire rope out direction please see above figure, DO NOT  change  direction  without Please ask when choosing winch type if need to change wire rope out direction.
4. Hydraulic motor drainage port must be directly connected to oil