We believe in the strengths and safety of synthetic rope so much, we built a winch around it: beefing up the drum and its construction while relocating the heat-producing brake to the gearbox, keeping the synthetic rope at full strength.  We offer this winch both in synthetic rope and wire cable options, so you can upgrade now or down the road.

This is the next evolution of the perfect off-road winch. we’ve refined this winch to perfection.  From quality parts to innovation in braking to advanced electronics and so much more, see what other winches are missing with the Pro Series.

  • 1.Sealed 6.0 HP motors deliver a quick but safe 52 FPM line speed at a low 50 Amp draw.
  • 2.Anti-high temperature silver pad, 500A Sealed contactor. Only 360A full load current which is the lowest in the industry field. Contactor will never get stuck.
  • 3.Extremely IP67 sealed provided in gearbox and both drum sides, isolate element out.
  • 4.Innovative “Double-lock” 100% load-holding brake design provides zero drag on cable in. Located inside the gearbox away from the drum to eliminate heat transfer to the synthetic rope.
  • 5.Convertible control box, meets diverse mounting demands.
  • 6.Laser engraved aluminum tie bars, total three (3) tie bar construction adds strength between drum supports.
  • 7.Chrome plated aluminum ergonomic free spool knob lifts and turns effortlessly. Easily rotates in 45° gearbox design allows winch can be mounted into vehicle bumper.
  • 8.Winch body hardware and roller fairlead upgrade to stainless steel, avoid rusting and look great at long serve.
  • 9.Professional outdoor satin-black powder coat, never peeling off.
  • 10.Weather resistant, industrial grade rubber toggle hand-held switch with 12.8ft (3.9m) lead. Excellent anti-corrosion and unbreakable.
  • 11.Optional wireless remote, control your winch from up to 60’(20m) away.


Double-lock brake system
Convertible control box
Wireless remote optional
Synthetic rope optional


PRO12500 PRO9500

A=23.86″(606mm) B=8.54″(217mm)
C=9.84″(250mm) D=10″(254mm)

A=23.86″(606mm) B=8.54″(217mm)
C=9.84″(250mm) D=10″(254mm)

Rated line pull: 12500lbs(5670kgs)single line 9500lbs(4309kgs)single line
Motor(Series wound): DC 12V: 6.4hp/4.7kW DC 12V: 6.0hp/4.4kW
Gear train: 4 stage planetary 4 stage planetary
Gear ratio: 171:1 171:1
Clutch: Pull and turn Pull and turn
Braking action: Automatic in the ratchet wheel Automatic in the ratchet wheel
Fairlead: 4-way roller fairlead /Aluminum hawse 4-way roller fairlead /Aluminum hawse
Wire rope: 3/8″×85.3′(9.2mm×26m) 3/8″×85.3′(9.2mm×26m)
Drum size: 2.48″×8.74″(63mm×222mm) 2.48″×8.74″(63mm×222mm)
Dimensions: 23.86″×6.77″×9.84″(606mm×172mm×250mm) 23.86″×6.77″×9.84″(606mm×172mm×250mm)
Bolt pattern: 10″×4.5″(254mm×114.3mm) 10″×4.5″(254mm×114.3mm)
Net Weight: 95.8lbs(43.5kgs) 93.6lbs(42.5kgs)

12V DC Line speed and motor current (first layer)

PRO12500 PRO9500
Line pull lbs(kgs) 0(0) 12500(5670) 0(0) 9500(4309)
Line speed FPM(MPM) 49.2(15) 3.3(1) 52.5(16) 4.3(1.3)
Motor current Amps 50 390 50 360